Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Saturday, June 7, 2008

GMail labs adds (pretty useless) function to GMail

I just looked at the new GMail-labs settings, hoping to find the next-big-thing for my web based mail account.

I admit it, I was a bit curious about the feature developed in the 20% free time that Google left to its employees, and I was expecting to find something great.

Seems that this time the 20% free time had been a little wasted since none of the experimental feature did worth a try. Here is the list of the feature users should test (with my opinions):

  • Quick Links if it’s bookmarkable and does worth a bookmark it’s yet on my favorites.
  • Superstars please stop them or GMail will become a Christmas tree.
  • Pictures in chat and Muzzle is there anyone using web-chat? Crazy!
  • Fixed width font why should I loose the right layout of the mail?
  • Custom keyboard shortcuts and Mouse gestures maybe it’s not so useless, but I don’t think a AJAX application is the right place for shortcut.
  • Signature tweaks wow, we can sign a message before the quoted text :-(
  • Random signature maybe it’s cool, but do we need it?
  • Custom date formats it must be a system setting not an application setting!
  • Old Snakey ladies and gentlemen Google-OS is here, and you can also play games on it!
  • Email Addict hitting the X that closes the tab is too easy?
  • Hide Unread Counts why?

If you choose to become a useless-function tester remember that big-G could remove what you’re testing without saying nothing to you. The function will just disappear.


If you’re looking for a real big thing, have a look at the new version of Windows Live Writer


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