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Under The Wire

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Java 6 finally comes to Mac

It's been a very long wait but today Apple has finally released to the public Java SE 6 for Mac OS X.
Before you open your best bottle of wine you should know that:

- it is not enabled by default
- it works only with Leopard (10.5.2)
- it works only on Intel-based Macs (64-bit ones)

Let us know what you think!



I've just finish to download and install the package. I've made Java 6 SE the default JVM for my OS and it seems that programs continue to run without problems.
Finally Apple has decided to release this important update!


It was forseeable, they just sucked so much regarding their information policy and the time schedule. with a two year old mac book pro that cost me way over 2K EUR, i'm left alone. they just don't care, but well, to get a little bit out of the bad publicity, they finally had to release "something". something that the majority of the user base cannot access. let's hope soy latte will use cocoa instead of X11 one day...


@sciss, you have an intel PC: with Windows (or even Linux if you like it) you can use the latest version of Java.


please invite me lopez.michel@gmail.com


@Anonymous: do you want an invite for Live Mesh or a Twine's one?
I've finished my Live Mesh invitation, you are going to be in my waitlist. If you want a Twine invite just reply to this post.


Michel Lopez...

Y you have send me a message that u will send me an invite and u Search for an invite????????

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