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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Live Mesh Invitation

I just found a site that allows you to get Live Mesh Invitations.

I tried it and worked.

If you want an invitation just sign in at http://www.sharemesh.com/

Thanks to Is started something

Here my first impression.



Glad to see you had success receiving an invitiation. I have signed up to sharemesh.com but have not received anything yet.

May seem a bit cheeky, but if you have any spare invites I would appreciate a chance to get an invite.

My contact details are bell(dot)alanj(at)gmail.com

Thanks in Advance



Did you check if the invite isn't in the SPAM folder?


Unfortunately it is not in my JUNK. I believe they have reached their sign up quota so the only way to get to Live Mesh is by being sent an invite or invited to share a folder with somebody on a Live Mesh account???


Unfortunately I don't have any live share invitation to share. I think that the easiest way to get one is to singup at shareMesh and wait for a reply.
Of course if I will have invitation to share I will contact you.


Much appreciated.

I have signed up with ShareMesh, but I imagine the list to be rather long.

I don't know whether this would work, but you could invite me to a shared folder, which I believe automatically gives me access to LiveMesh. If you fancy trying it my Live ID is alan[dot]bell[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk.

If not it's been a pleasure anyway.




I'm trying with your Windows Live ID. I just sent you an invitation, I hope it will work.


I'd be happy to get an invite as well: fredz85(at)live(dot)com. Thanks a lot


Can any1 help me, plz? w8@live.com . For if you've still got any...invitations...


@frederick, @w8 sorry, I ran out of invites. I pick you on my waitlist, as soon as I get new invites to share I will give out to you.



Thank to send me an invite! :)


@anonymous, I'm waiting for new invites. When I recieve any I will invite the people in my waitlist where I added you. Thanks for commenting


Please dont use the link. it not work for now.

Send me the invitation to
max_h_91 =AT= live.ca



Someone send me the invitation e-mail and the link was remove.
I have not receive his invitation.

Thanks Again


check your JUNK folder


I have already check in my Junk folder :/


Could someone please give me an invite? wilber_100(at)hotmail(dot)com. I would really appreciate it. Also you can invite me with this link:


CH, Chan

Hi! I would also be grateful if you can give me an invite if you have invitation available.
I'm interested in viewing new tech.

My Live ID is chihangc at msn.com


Could someone please get me an invite? I tried shareMesh and thats not working yet.

My details are wilber_100(at)hotmail(dot)com



Hi, could someone please send me a live mesh invite, I tried sharemesh also and it looks fairly backlogged, will pay it forward. Thanks in advance.

bonds7 [AT] hotmail [dot] com


I'm sorry but I don't have any invite anymore. The best I can do is to add you on my waitlist hoping to recieve new invitations.


could you please send an invite to
kelvincai at yahoo dot com


On Mesh Official Blog I found this:
More invites: There is no longer any limit on the number of invitations that Live Mesh customers have for inviting others to the Tech Preview. Invite as many people as you like! (as long as they're in one of the countries/regions mentioned above, of course.)
As soon as I got unlocked I'm going to invite who is in my waitlist. However if you can't wait you can just check Mesh.com and see if registration is avalilable.
Don't forget to share with us your opinion about Mesh on this post:

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