Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Sunday, April 6, 2008

News from Windows Seven

In January I wrote a post with the latest information on Windows Seven. I think that three months later is time to look again at the state of the new OS in development at Redmond.

Looking at the feedback form of Windows Seven came out the five pillars on witch the OS is based:

  • Specialized for laptops caring about data security, connectivity, power management and touch/tablet interface.
  • Designed for services giving to online services a very important role. The new philosophy are SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Software as a Service.
  • Personalized computing for everyone. We should be able to customize our desktop in a more effective way, access our file form everywhere and easily manage home networks.
  • Optimized for Entertainment: you will enjoy your videos and music with the best quality ever seen.
  • Engineered for Ease of Ownership, you will have an easier switch to Windows 7 with improved security and compatibility. Everything in a more friendly way!

Knowing the pillar we now only have to speculate on the release date. While you're waiting check what we missed. And don't forget to tell us what do you think about this pillars.

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