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Under The Wire

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Steve Ballmer talks at "The Next Web Now", speaks about Macs and Google

Steve Ballmer today has opened "The Next Web Now" in Milan, Italy. In his keynote he has talked about Microsoft strategies and aims for the future ("everywhere, anytime") and has showed his vision of what the web might become in a few years.

Citing some of the most revolutionizing products of our history he has also talked about Macs, defining them "a big wave of change".

After his keynote he has answered some questions and has shown his opinion about Google: "talking about search engines, they're better than us; but Messenger is still the best-loved IM client".

The impression that Ballmer has given to the press has been positive: he has been balanced and this time he has not tried to break any MacBook Air.

Ballmer's keynote

Ballmer gets interviewed

Steve Ballmer

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