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Under The Wire

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Are Macs becoming popular among businessmen?

Believe it or not, Mac OS X is selling very well in the business world; considering the small marketshare Macs have, Apple is doing a fantastic job compared to Windows Vista.

The 2007 market share results for Mac OS X showed that in businesses, Mac OS X usage tripled to 4.2%, just over 2% lower than Vista, at 6.3%. Windows XP declined during the same period. Are Macs really becoming an alternative to Windows?



I really think that Macs are a good choice for a businessman, on the other hand there are some kind of sectors in which Macs (and not only Macs) are not usable.


Have you ever seen a businessman that can understand anything about technology?

Filippo Sironi

What about Steve Jobs?!


We use macs for conducting all our business and communications. they are fast and efficient and a wonderful tool.


Great to hear that Macs work!
You'll be pleased to hear that Macs are also faster than PCs: more productivity in less time!


Filippo Sironi

I'm using a Mac too but I can't really say that my productivity has improved during the past 2 years thanks to my Mac.
It's simply e normal PC.

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