Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Recycle your old phone NOW!

Want to change phone? Don't know what to do with the old one?

Well, while you buy a new iPod, iPhone or any Mac, simply give it to Apple, which will recycle it for free.
"In addition to products like iPods, people can now also recycle cellphones, produced by any manufacturer. There are two main options for sending devices to Apple: they can either be delivered in person at an Apple Store, or else mailed to a central location.
If a person chooses mail, they can specify any quantity of phones or iPods. They must then decide whether to use either a print-out label on packaging of their own, or else a custom package shipped from Apple, which requires seven to 10 days for delivery. Both options are free to the customer.
The program supplements efforts at recycling computers and monitors, which can be accepted under any brand name so long as a person has also purchased a qualifying Apple system."
Cool? Oh yeah!
Think different, think green.



I've to admit it, this time Apple has had a wonderful idea.


When is MS going to recycle all those Windows CDs?

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