Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Top 5 Windows Utilities

If you're looking for a useless application you're in the wrong place, I listed only the most useful applications that you can find for free on the net.


Do you think that Mac OS exposè is a good way to have a look on your crowded desktop? With this tool you get an easily customizable exposè like application with some extra feature you will be glad to discover.

Notebook Hardware Control

When you run on battery is important to save as much power as possible. One way to do this is to set your CPU working frequency and voltage.


Since you're reading this post I suppose that you've got so much ID and password to keep in mind. Usually this isn't so easy nor so effective (you're like to select always the same password).

You'd better save your passwords on a encrypted file and remember only its password.


Give memory to your clipboard and you won't need again to switch from a window to another only to cut and paste parts of the same documents.


IE7 Pro

Do you think that IE should have a download manager, a tab history, ad-blocker and a more user friendly way to change proxy? Install IE7 pro and you'll find this feature (and many others) coming on your browser!

Did I forget something?

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I prefer using RightMark Clock instead of Notebook Hardware Control.
Then I'm looking at eID to substitute my various usernames/passwords, with Windows you have all you need (Windows CardSpace) to start using them.

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