Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Paranoia is a virtue - File shredding

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In this and in the next posts I'm giving you some tips to keep your data away from others view. Let's start by definitely erase files you have on your hard disk.

If you think that when you empty your recycle bin the files you deleted are gone forever you're terribly wrong, maybe you can't get the file you deleted with regular system utilities, but with a simple search you can find a big number of software that does this work.

Wait, don't throw away your pc, the solution isn't to go back to the paper era. If a sheet of paper can be burn a file on a hard disk can be shred.

One of the best utilities to do this is Eraser that allows you to perform a single file wipe, a folder wipe or even the unused disk space wipe. One of the best thing of this software is that you can schedule file deletion in order to always have your disk clean and your secret safe.

Stay tuned, in the next weeks we are going to talk about cryptography, steganography and how to secure your communications.


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