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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Megavideo UNLIMITED: how bypass 72 minutes time limit by Firefox plug-in

Hi, today I talk again about Megavideo and how bypass its time limit. If you didn’t read my other posts about Megavideo these are the links:Post1, Post2, Post3.

In the last post I advised to use www.megastriming.tk, but recently often there are technical problems.

ill Actually the best solution for is the use of the Firefox plu-in illimitux. The new version (3.1) of plug-in support more of 20 platforms among which Megavideo, Veoh and Megaupload, the best streaming sites.

In fact, illimitux bypasses Megavideo time limit, moreover is possible parallel downloads from Megaupload without speed limitation and without premium account and is possible watch Veoh files without official player. This plug-is is very easy to use because when it auto-detects supported platform show a box where user can remove all limitations.


This is a short video tutorial of plug-in:

Getting Started with illimitux 2 from Illimitux on Vimeo.

Enjoy the movie.


PS. any comments are welcome.



Very nice, thank you!


well it does not work anymore on megaupload


Thank you. I've been looking for the time-limit for a long time. :)
It still works with Megavideo for me.


It doesn't work for me... it opens the video in the new illimtix tab and plays the video, but after (what i am guessing is close to 72 mins) it doesn't work anymore...

I wait for the megaupload 50secs or whatever too, is it possible i am somehow using it wrong? o_0


i dont know if its just for macs but this doesnt work for me :S


Yeah for me also after a while (not sure how long) it says "limit passed" then reloads and says "the servers are full error:3)


there is an easy way to remove megavideo limits, it's to use the cacaoweb plugin. It also removes the advertising.
You can check it out on websites like www.johoo.tv


I wanted to introduce to u our new product ie free megavideo 72 limit bypass this is site by which u can watch unlimited minutes of megavideo videos without any limitation and can also download the video from its orignal source the site is



There is a site that works at the moment to bypass the limit:


Just enter the link where is labeled "Link de Megavideo" and then click "Ver"


hey, Mac users, i found out that if the video youre watching is in some other website, not on megavideo.com, you can go to that website that someone posted. megavideopremium.com
and when youre on the website click window>activity then look through the list for the tab youre on. at the bttom you should see the end of the megavideo link. it starts with v=then has numbers and letters. copy that by clicking then pressing command c then paste in the megavideo link on that website. but make it so its megavideo.com/?v=(numbersandletters go here)

this really helped me im glad i figured this out.


Hey, has anyone tries http://lyke.mikaviva.tk/ :D After lyke.co.cc was taken of them they have released there website here. It removes time limits better than ever :P Thank god for this site.


Hi All.

Its is so far and we are proud to offer you a new service that will override the 72 minutes limit by megavideo .
read more on http://www.divxshare.biz/Mega/index.php?topic=3237

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