Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Interesting links #4

Let start again with a post of Joanna Rutkowska about (the lack of) security foundations of Mac OS X. As usual you will get plenty of Mac users denying that signing applications could be useful, but we know their reality is distorted. As a new Apple user I would really like to have a way to trust application I am installing.

Is General Public License always good? Read this article and you will know about some case where it dramatically fails.

A response to Free Software Foundation FUD.

Haiku team comments about OSCon. Seems they are doing a great job.

I am not posting here the link to the last Steve Jobs keynote because it actually was not so interesting. The only cool thing they presented are the genius playlists, but who needs it when he has Pandora?



Dear wisher you said a wrong thing, Genius playlists aren't something new since they were introduced more than a years ago. ;)
Moreover Genius playlists work even when you aren't connected to the Internet so they are quit a bit different with respect to Pandora's playlists.


I was thinking that genius function was just to suggest you what songs buy.

I know that genius playlists and Pandora are different things, with Pandora you can discover new music while with genius playlist it plays only what you have on your disk.

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