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Under The Wire

Thursday, December 4, 2008

iPhone OS surpasses Windows Mobile

MacDailyNews has posted an article comparing current market share and year-per-year growth of the most used mobile operating systems.

Current marketshare
Symbian 63%
RIM at 16%
iPhone OS 13%
Windows Mobile at 11%

Year-per-year growth
iPhone OS +328%
RIM at +83%
Windows Mobile at -3%
Symbian -12%

As you can see the growth of the iPhone OS marketshare is impressive: I guess it's time to recall Steve Ballmer's predictions about the success of iPhone!



Poor Symbian, it is falling :-(
I have to admit that for gaming iPhone is a cool device. My classes without tciddaniw iPhone would have been too boring!


I'm still waiting for a new operating system from Nokia since the acquisition of Trolltech and QT libraries, something like QTopia and Linux would be wonderful.

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