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Under The Wire

Friday, December 5, 2008

Are virus going towards Facebook? Welcome to the black death, 2.0

Nowadays computer systems with a good set-up (I’m saying a good set-up, not a relationship with UNIX) are going to be less and less virus prone. In my opinion today only a stupid cold download some files from its favorite peer to peer network, don’t recognize that the porn he wanted can’t be stored  in an executable file. Since he is such a stupid that would underperform even in the Linux Girl-test, he is going to type the administrator password and make something that will make him gain a place in the hall of fame of stupidity.

A quick look at the previous paragraph may reveal a really high stupid/(number of words) rate.

A clever reader and a fucking annoying virus writer may have noticed that on Facebook the rate stupidity/(Things done) is too high to be computed. But this is not the most important factor. Facebook is a network and it is easy to send your friends an invitation. This mean a really quick spreading of whatever you are showing your friends (Never heard of the snowball effect?).

Zurich fire. Photo by OctavianWait! We have people acting in a stupid way and stupid things passing form a user to another, very very quickly. Now imagine to have something malicious that is passing form a friend to another: welcome to the black death, 2.0.

With this premise this was only a matter of time before something bad was coming out. This example is still relying on users stupidity (Once again), but considering the amount of data stored on the social network and the ease of access for user authorized application (Don’t trust everything, it’s a matter of life and death) making something dangerous, able to get information and even to spread to your contacts. Is that enough?

To my friend that are reading this post (but also to the others). Send me something bad and you will be no more a friend of mine, not only on Facebook but also in real life! I told you, be careful on what you are doing, or be sure you can hide yourself in a safe place, without writing on Facebook where you are.


A couple of my readers should enjoy the picture I used in this post. Please give me a feedback on that (And obviously also on the whole post).


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