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Under The Wire

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Download video from MegaVideo and MagaUpload without limits by jDownloader


Today I talk, again, about MegaVideo and MegaUpload. In my previous posts I told about how to watch MegaVideo without 72 minute limit, but often I’m not connect to Internet (e.g. long travel by train or by airplane) and I download video.

Without a Premium Account download video from MegaVideo is not easy and you have find the MegaUpload’s link of video, but often this link is not available.

Recently, a friend told me about jDownloader. JDownloader is a small java application, therefore runnable on Windows, Mac and Linux, very useful. In fact, JDownloader can download file from MegaVideo and MegaUpload automatically without limits and without that you have insert manually the captcha.

How to use JDownloader:

  1. Install and open jDownloader.
  2. Find the MegaVideo or MegaUpload’s link of video that you wont download.
  3. Right click on link, click on “Copy link address” .


Automatically the link is imported in program:


4. Click on play to start to download the file.

The powerful of this application is that you can add many files and it automatically downloads they.

In particular, if you want download file from MegaUpload, the program automatically detects the captcha. So, you can add all files that you want and go out, when you return at home all files will be downloaded.


The program has many other features: management of pause and of resume of downloads, management of premium account,….In other you can use it with many other host sites.

Thanks to the creator of this program and thanks to the power of Java ;-).



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