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Monday, January 4, 2010

How to fix the "The application Finder can't be opened (-10810)" error

Snow Leopard has brought an annoying bug. Sometimes, when dealing with external hard drives or USB sticks, Finder crashes and does not automatically reopen. Trying to click on the Finder icon in the Dock does not help at all! It just causes a laconic message box that says: "The application Finder can't be opened (-10810)". Unless you want to logout and login back (or restart), the solution is simple but a little bit for the techie:

  • Open up the Terminal application (use Spotlight if you cannot find it)
  • Type: /System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app/Contents/MacOS/Finder &
  • Press enter and... You're done! You can close the Terminal
Waiting for a fix in 10.6.3... I hope this helps. Bye!



Thanks for this post, but please tell Steve to fix it as soon as possible.
I can't stand to have to use the terminal to re-open the finder.


Thanks for this. It sorted Finder all right.

Although the same bug got my Photoshop hanging when I was about to save. I'd hate to lose the graphic I've been working on for hours. Can PS be brought back to life without losing the document do you think?


This is strange because Finder and open/save dialogs are independent.
Maybe it was a graver crash.

Anyway, did you try to exit from the save dialog? Did PS just hang?



I saw the save dialog only for a bit and then I lost it. Possibly just after I named the file and hit Save in the dialog. PS stopped responding and all I saw was the spinning wheel cursor. In the meantime Finder kept throwing the -10810 error when I tried using it.

Might be related to Snow Leopard's unreliable handling of network disks (I have a DNS-323 NAS, but as far as I gather from other forums it could as well have been any other network storage device). Just a guess...

Anyway, I couldn't salvage the stuff, so I made a screenshot and force quit PS. :(





Many thanks for this post. It fixed the problem. The thing is that when I close the Terminal window it crashes the process and I have to do it all over again. Thus I need to leave the Terminal program running in the background.


Don't forget the "&" at the end of the command!


Put that terminal command in a script or automator command, and put it (or an alias) in the dock, That is what I did


This did not work for me and the problem started with me trying to erase and disconnect a external jump drive after importing photos on a NEW imac. What did happen was I got another error message from terminal that was 98176
Any other ideas how to restore finder ???


Tried this fix and only received another error message in terminal .. 98176
Finder became a problem for me while also disconnecting a usb external drive. Any other suggestions.


If Finder.app exits when your close the Terminal, just run "disown" before closing the Terminal.


Hmm.... This is really neat -- and indeed the command succeeded in opening Finder.

However, I get the spinning beachball and it won't load to the point where I get icons back on the desktop -and- looking from the "Force Quit Applications" window, Finder turns pretty quickly to red with "(not responding)".

For what it's worth, it started when I inserted a jump-drive into my mac and it only loaded the files on the drive part way before freezing.


Thanks a lot! :)




Great. Worked for me. Thanks!


Just experienced this bug in 10.6.3.

Tried to restart, machine hung. Did a hardware shutdown and rebooted, and all seems well.

A troubling problem...


Thanx! This saves me every now and then — I've had this page bookmarked for months.


If you do the command and can't quit Terminal without the Finder quitting too, just do the go to your Apple Menu (after running the command) and "Force Quit..." and force quit terminal, the Finder stayed open for me.

dubious dabbler

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have 10.6.4 and still had this problem. Your solution worked great.


It does nothing for me just shows"[1] 32373" in the terminal... shame.


first time this has happened to me, the fix seems to have worked, thanks for the help, it's much appreciated from a non techie.


Ben S

I've got a new i5 iMac, and this problem has gotten kinda severe. Happens about every 2 hours now, and I have no external disks attached. I *do* have an external monitor.

This tip throws me an error in Terminal- 23808. (Got a different error the first time.)


So fast! Just that easy? I've been figuring out this problem for months. I am so thankful that I have found your post. A big help indeed! Thanks for helping me fix my external hard drive. Canada's pro computer technicians are really helpful and great! Thanks!


Big thanks for the fix, and I'm really happy Google is able to help me find solutions to some arcane problems.


Thanks! I was trying to delete a folder on the server when Finder hung with the spinny beachball of death. Previously I had re-start to fix... this worked great. 10.6.4 here.


This happens to me quite often when I'm working with network shares, both when dealing with a Windows 2008 R2 box and a Linux box running Samba. It's particularly aggravating, and is seriously making me consider either using SSH (or using RDP file sharing for the Windows box) for all of my file transfers or just doing everything from within Parallels. Or, hell, just going back to the six year old Windows box I have at work.

The worst part is that I've never run into any issues like this on my G4 at home (running Tiger) and I access network paths constantly on that thing.

Thanks for the tip, though. This, though still a royal pain, should prove much easier than logging out and logging back in every single time this happens.


I Tried using this method and nothing happened!


thanks for your help. it worked!


excellent - this worked. many thanks for the post. all we need now is for Apple to fix the launcher to self-heal if this occurs.


Wow, thank you so much. I had the same problem and even restart didn't solve it. Thanks, you saved me.


Wait... As soon as I close terminal, my Finder is gone again.

Any tips?


Thank you for this! Worked a treat


Don't forget the " &" at the end of the command!


Don't forget the " &" at the end of the command!


Thank you so much for this! Worked the instant I hit enter!


This command works great until you quit Terminal then it just exits Finder again since it was running under Terminal. So as another user said run the disown command with it and it'll work great!

/System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app/Contents/MacOS/Finder & disown


Thanks a lot!

Stanford Griffith

Sadly, 10.6.6 still has this, but I think for me that it's a Firewire drive that's failing. mumbles about Western Digital and Apple co-hatred


i typed the command and it said that there is no such file or directory.. i think its because i accidentally dragged the finder app out of one of the core services files.. i need help like bad


Just drag the finder back into the coreservices folder


Thanks so much for this fix, it's definitely a problem that crops up on even a perfect SL install. And the internet is full of the usual non-solutions like PRAM/Permissions/Reinstall.

It's clearly just a bug that apple needs to sort out.




I noticed that it only happens when I use an external hdd in NTFS format. Mac OS Extended format works fine for me


Thanks - worked a treat!

The Jeffertonian

After losing finder and everything on my desktop this fix worked but only as long as the Terminal App wimdow was kept open or minimised.
As soon as I closed Terminal I lost it all again and had to repeat.

Is there any way of making the fix stick?


thank you sir. i am so glad i came upon your answer with my first google search. it worked like magic!


Awesome mate, much appreciated!


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!



Leah Ramsay

thank you so much - that worked like magic!!


it work with mac o x 10.6. 8
with the "disown" line...
grateful! thank u so much


I got the error after disconnecting from a VPN, and then the mapped path decided to disconnect and then the finder error showed up, after I crashed it, because it wasn't responding.

Your fix worked. Thanks.


It worked. Thanks.


This doesn't work for me. I open Terminal and paste "/System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app/Contents/MacOS/Finder &", but then nothing really happens. Only that a new line appears with the name of my computer.

Do I do something wrong or what could the solution be? I'm no great computer geek :)

Thanks in advance.


When the error message pops up, I'm unable to get to a different program, so I can't enter a terminal command.

Kasandra Mathieson

THANKS SOOOO MUCH....it worked but it sure scared me for a few minutes!!!

James Austin

Still having this issue three years after this blog post! Guess it's not real high on the priority list of bug fixes... but is anything really?


Thank you for this post! It's simple and to the point. I was at a loss on how to get Finder open again after getting this error today.

Jessica Cavallaro

it didn't work and i am scared to bring it to the tec guy at school that he will wipe my computer and then i will lose everything :(

Jessica Cavallaro

it didn't work and i am scared to bring it to the tec guy at school that he will wipe my computer and then i will lose everything :(


I can't open terminal either, any ideas?

Sciao Belo

After spending an hour on this, I finally got it to work without Terminal.

In my case, Finder started to crash and the error appeared after I had used a NTFS-formatted USB stick. So, after trying everything, I thought that maybe Finder got stuck with trying to read it through the USB port.

I reset the USB ports with a PRAM reset and all is back to normal.



Thank you soooooo much ... worked perfectly.



/System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app/Contents/MacOS/Finder & diown

Works perfectly. Make sure you add the disown at the end, that way you will be able to close terminal without finder crashing.

OSX 10.9.2 17" MacBook Pro mid 2010


Or you could just

open .

in Terminal, brings up Finder as well. (Technically you open a new Finder window showing the current working directory of your terminal.)

No need to remember where to find Finder and which parameters to pass in in which version of OSX.


Your amazing

Taher Ahmad

thank you bro!! worked 100%


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Very nice article, same error here, i dont find the solution.

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