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Under The Wire

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WWDC 2008 rumors roundup [UPDATED x2]

So, what should you expect from Apple's World Wide Developers Conference 2008?

No one ever really knows everything that will be shown on stage but we can be pretty sure about some of the products that will be introduced.
  • [sure] Firmware version 2.0 available to all iPhone (and iPod touch) customers
  • [sure] AppStore will deliver free and commercial applications; iPhone will eventually become a open platform
  • [probable] Games for the iPhone demoed on stage
  • [sure] iPhone finally gains 3G capabilities
  • [uncertain] iPhone might also get GPS capabilities
  • [probable] iPhone changes form factor: thinner?
  • [uncertain] iPhone retains the same form factor but a new model is introduced: iPhone nano? iPhone Air?
  • [uncertain] lower prices: $200 low-end iPhone?
  • [uncertain] iPhone in colors: white, black and red?
  • [uncertain] iPhone abandons aluminium and glass in favour of plastic
  • [probable] improved battery life
  • [probable] video recording capabilities
  • [probable] conferencing capabilities
  • [uncertain] new commercial
  • [sure] iPhone finally coming to Australia, Italy, Japan, Spain, etc...
  • [uncertain] new MacBook Pros
  • [uncertain] new MacBooks in aluminium
  • [uncertain] new touch device?
.Mac, Mobile Me, Me
  • [sure] new name: "Mobile Me" or "Me"
  • [sure] completely renewed service, more iPhone integration
Mac OS X
  • [uncertain] 10.6 developers preview
  • [uncertain] Pure Cocoa
  • [probable] Intel-only
  • [probable] ships spring 2009
Stay tuned for the latest news!


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