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Under The Wire

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Is there any room for iPhone or Android?

Just look at the market share: with the big exception of the North America (That is too enterprise engaged) smartphone is nearby a Symbian synonym.

As in the PC operating system market, share means software and software means users making the market share grow.

In such a contest appears clear that the key for having more and more users is to give the possibility to have more and more software. Google is trying to create a community around its android in order to give innovative service to users, but it can not be enough. Apple after the first prohibitionist phase released iPhone SDK, but it is too limited and their phone is still a fashion object.

Why I should abandon my S60 Symbian? I don't think I could find more features, I don't mind of having a cool but useless iPhone and Android is still more a prototype than a product.

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Filippo Sironi

Symbian is a crappy OS... Nokia has bought Trolltech in order to introduce a new OS based on QTopia!
It seems that even Nokia doesn't believe in Symbian.


SYMBIAN is not a serious OS: you need antiviruses to run it safely.

Just watch at mobile browsers market share...

and you understand that Symbian is DEAD.


Brutti fackers....


your blog look nice, keep the good work and i will be back soon


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